Jogging the Memories of the Past

top - left to right: P Rasanayagam, A Rasanayagam, A George, A Niththiyananthan, W Victor

middle - left to right: Gunathas, Ferdinandz, Gobynathan, Reynald, Justin, John, Nirmalan, Flomin, Mahendran

bottom - left to right: Rajkumar, Hariharan, Peterpillai, Exfert, Emmanual

Reminiscence is something we all do and the older we get the more likely we are to fall back on our memories. The above photo was taken in December 1974. Can you spot your friends?

"Reminiscing promotes emotional well being
and reduces isolation, loneliness and depression"

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Who says my mind has gone away
I see my youth there every day
I replay my life where none can go
I meet the friends who've had to go

So don't tell me I'm getting old
And now must do just what I'm told
I laugh and play inside my head
And wander paths that once I tread

So when it seems I am not there
It's just a thought I cannot share
Please be patient with me when I'm slow
I might be somewhere else you know

I hope you too can store away
The memories of what we share
Then in the late days of your time
You can recall as I do mine

MEMORIES by Bob McMillan