Welcome to the Kayts St.Antony's College Alumni Association of Europe(SACKAAEU) home page. St.Antony's College Old Students Association of UK was formed in 1998. The name of the association has been modified to SACKAAEU to reflect the membership of the association. SACKAAEU is in its 1st year and its membership is open to all past students and teachers and their direct family members. Our objective is to increase the sense of fellowship, cordiality and goodwill among the old students and to further the interest and welfare of the alma-mater.

This web page is a labour of love; to bring all Antonians past and present, scattered along the length and breadth of this planet of ours, for eternal friendship under our college flag. Our alma-mater stands for equality, intellectual excellence, sportsmanship and provides an environment for one to develop his or her potential for the benefit of the individual and the community at large. Through this web page, we are providing an opportunity for all Antonians to be reached by one and all.

This is your WEB PAGE; please feel free to do your best to insure the worthy causes that our alma-mater stood for.

We take pride in being part of the premier educational institution; Kayts St.Antony's College, situated in the heart of Kayts, Tamil Eelam. It has a glorious heritage that is part and parcel of our ROOTS.

In our quest to meet and hear about our colleagues and friends of SAC, spread all over the globe, sackaaeu plans to create a detailed directory of Antonians in this web site. We welcome users to enter themselves into the NAME LIST and help to form a network among all Antonians.

St Antony's College Kayts Alumni Association of Europe (SACKAAEU)
EMAIL: sackaaeu@yahoo.co.uk

Registered as a Charity in England and Wales
Registered Charity Number: 1106466