1. AGM Meeting 2006
  2. Kayts Antonians Setting Standards
  3. Welcoming our Patron Rev Fr Jesuthas
  4. Make Poverty History
  5. Grand Success - Dinner Dance on 2nd July 2005
  6. Email From Rector
  7. Sponsor a Child at Christu Illam (Home for Christ), Kayts, Sri Lanka
  8. RE-UNION DINNER 2005 - 2nd July 2005
  9. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - 30th July 2005
  10. Thank You for Your Contributions - Tsunami Feedback
  11. Fundraising Dinner
  12. President's Message!
  13. A letter from the Rector!
  14. News Archive in 2004

AGM Meeting25 April 2006

Dear Members,

The Annual General Meeting of the SACKAAEU for the year 2006-07 will be held on Saturday the 10th June 2006, at the Trinity United Reformed Church, Hindes Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 1RX (

The meeting will start at 2:00pm sharp and hopefully finished by 5:00pm.

Please note that this year (2006-07) is very important, as we will be electing a new executive committee to run the activities of the association.

Anyone interested in taking an active role in the executive committee please express your interest in writing to me two weeks prior to (by the 27th May 2006) the Annual General Meeting.

Hon Secretary

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Kayts Antonians Setting Standards
Well Done & Congratulations
14 September 2005

Dear All,

Kayts Antonians have created history by winning the second place at the PT Competition held in Colombo in September 2005. St Antony's College, Kayts initially competed among the schools and colleges in the Northern part of Sri Lanka and was selected to compete in the final competition in Colombo. It is worth mentioning that the St Antony's College, Kayts is the one and only Tamil school which has achieved this great achievement since 1985. They were also awarded a special prize for performing with excellence in the All Island PT Competition. In addition, the team also excelled in Cricket, Football, Baseball, and Basketball.

Not just in sports alone, but also academically this school has been aiming high and producing outstanding results. In the GCE (A/L) results, which were released last week, one student obtained 3As and many other students performed well in many subjects. This is a great achievement for a school, which was destroyed by the war in 1990. All these achievements wouldn't have been possible without the constant perseverance and the hard work of the students and staff of the school. No words can be expressed to describe the excellent work done by the Rector of the school Rev Fr J A Jesuthas who has committed his life for the development and achievement of this school.

It is to be noted that Rev Fr J A Jesuthas was appointed as the Rector/Principal of the school in 2000 and the school has excelled in its performance within the five years of his leadership.

SACKAAEU Executive Committee extend their best wishes to Rev Fr J A Jesuthas, staff and the students of St Antony's College, Kayts.

Executive Committee, SACKAAEU

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Welcoming our Patron Rev Fr Jesuthas26 July 2005

Dear All,

Our patron Rev Fr Jesuthas is in London for a week on his way to Canada to celebrate the 20 years of his priest hood. He will be the guest of honour at the Annual General Meeting of the SACKAAEU on the 30th July 2005 at the Trinity United Reformed Church, Hindes Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 1RX (

On the 31st he is taking part in a joint mass at the St Thomas More Roman Catholic Church in Coventry, West Midlands with Rev Fr Timothy Menezes at 9am.

At 10.30am on the 31st July 2005 he will be taking part in the services of West Orchard United Reformed Church in Coventry and sharing his experiences in his ministry at Kayts, Sri Lanka with Rev Bryan Eyles.

It is also planned that he will conduct a mass in Tamil in the evening at 6pm at St Elizabeth R C Church, Eld Road, Coventry West Midlands CV6 5DD

Wishing him a pleasant stay in the United Kingdom

Hon Secretary

Congratulations to our Patron Rev Fr Jesuthas

Our congratulations to Rev Fr Jesuthas on his completion of 20 years of priest hood. It is indeed a lifetime achievement and our sincere wishes for many more years of his ministry to spread the word of God.

SACKAAEU Executive Committee

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Make Poverty History26 July 2005

Dear All,

Make Poverty History has become an unprecedented movement of passion, energy and solidarity. Never before have so many people in the world come together, fully united in demanding action to end poverty, with a roar for justice that they felt was impossible to ignore.

Today the G8 have chosen not to do all that campaigners insist is necessary to free people trapped in the prison of poverty. Important steps have been taken - steps that will bring hope to millions.

But more action is urgently needed if they are to play their role in bringing about real change for the world's poorest people and consigning extreme poverty to the history books.

"Charity begins at home" - Let us do our bit in making poverty history by sponsoring a child in Christ Hall in Kayts. For further information please read the article on "Sponsor a child" in the web.

Kandiah Ariyaratnam
Hon Treasurer

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Grand Success - Dinner Dance on 2nd July 200526 July 2005

Dear All,

The Dinner Dance which was held on the 2nd July 2005 was a grand success.

The Executive Committee ensured that every aspect of the dinner dance arrangements were given the utmost importance and the success of the event is a valid proof of their dedication and hard work.

The Executive Committee takes this opportunity to thank the members of the St Antony's College Kayts Alumni Association of Europe who worked side by side with the Executive Committee to make this a grand success.

The Executive Committee also wish to thank all our members, their families and our well wishers for their support in making this event a grand success.

Hon Secretary

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Email From Rector29 March 2005

The President,

Alumni Association of Europe

Trust all is well with you. Thank you very much for your kind letter and the message that the Alumni Association of Europe is sending help to us. It reached me today. Thank you very much for sending 2500 pounds for College (75%) and Christ House- (25%).

I am happy to inform you that St.Antony's College and Little Flower Girls Convent got the first places in the P.T. Competition for boys and girls respectively in the Island Zone. Our College got the first place in the under15 volleyball and second places in the under 17 and 19.

Now we give mid-day meal to our students. Grade 6 to 9 are funded by world food programme and Grades 10 to 13 are funded by OBA Canada. We received Rs.76,000/= for this purpose from Canada. We hope that they may continue. We have two accounts in the Peoples Bank, Kayts(105), Sri Lanka.

College - Current Acc.No 11082 ( Mr.P.W.Navarajah and Fr.J.A.Jesuthas)

Christ House- Savings Acc.No 40390 ( Fr.Soban Rufus Mohanathas and Fr.J.A.Jesuthas)

I have applied for Telephone connection in my name ( REV.FR.J.A.JESUTHAS, Christ House, Kayts).

This also can be used for college computer connections. We may get a Telephone connection for college with the help of the education department.

With regard to sending computers, you could send them to someone in Colombo and I could pick them up from them.

I am planning to go to Canada in August and I may be in UK in the mid of July if my plans works out ok. I will send the particulars of the children at Christ Home very soon.

Thank you for all the help and I wish you all the best.


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An Appeal from the Chairman of Coventry Tamil Welfare Association........... Sponsor a Child at Christu Illam
(Home For Christ), Kayts, Sri Lanka
25 March 2005

Dear All,

This is an appeal to all who are caring and wanting to help those who are less fortunate due to circumstances. On the 26th December 2004, the Tsunami struck the coastal areas of Sri Lanka. Many people lost their homes, loved ones and livelihood.

On the northern tip of Sri Lanka, in a place called Kayts, a school was founded in 1872 by Rev Boisseau, who had a vision for the children in this northern village of Sri Lanka. His work received the blessing of his Episcopal superior, the vicar apostolic of Jaffna, the Rev Christopher Bonjean.

Last year in March 2004, I had the opportunity of visiting this school in person. I learned the devastating hardships that the school had undergone during the civil war in Sri Lanka (1983 - 2003). The school was bombed in 1990. In 1997, temporary repairs were made to the badly damaged buildings, and St Anthony's College put its foot back on its soil to celebrate its 125th anniversary with pride. Many people, including a large number of children, have lost limbs due to landmines. Many children are orphans. Many are psychologically scarred.

The principal of the school, Rev J. A. Jesuthas has a vision for the future of the school. In addition to being the principal of that school Rev Jesuthas also took the responsibility of providing shelter in a temporary place, food and education for the young victims of the war torn area. The place where the children live is called "Christu Illam" meaning home for Jesus Christ - which houses 60 unfortunate children (some are orphans and others are destitute). Since the Tsunami on the 26th December 2004, the number has risen to 67 (in the age group between 9 years and 14 years). As they had been living in temporary accommodation, Rev Jesuthas had managed with the help received from well-wishers to build a hall of residence (Christu Illam) within the school premises for those unfortunate children, with basic facilities. But running a home for 67 children is a very responsible task and without sufficient funds, it is difficult to provide basic needs for the children.

The journey of Rev Jesuthas is arduous and painful. But undeterred by adversaries, he continues to provide care to these unfortunate children at Christu Illam. Having seen all this in person and spoken to Rev Jesuthas at length, it is obvious that if we want to help the poor, homeless and the under privileged people in this needy part of the world, we need many more Rev Jesuthas's.

Therefore, the executive committee of the Coventry Tamil Welfare Association, which is a registered charity in England and Wales, has decided to support this young priest in his endeavours.

This is an appeal for people with good heart to come forward to sponsor a child at the Christu Illam. 10.00 per month will provide basic needs such as food. 20.00 per month will provide food, clothing and other basic needs for the child to grow and be educated.

Please be generous and magnanimous and sponsor a child at the Christu Illam. It is a long-term commitment to help these children grow, receive education and fend for themselves.

Thanking you

K Ariyaratnam
25th March 2005

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RE-UNION DINNER 200501 Jan 2005

Dear Friends,

The re-union of Kayts Antonians in Europe will be held on the 2nd July 2005, at the Harrow Teachers Centre, Tudor Road, Wealdstone, Harrow, HA3 5PQ.

Hon Secretary

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Dear Members,

The Annual General Meeting of the SACKAAEU for the year 2005-06 will be held on the 30th July 2005, at the Trinity United Reformed Church, Hindes Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 1RX ( ). The meeting will start at 2:00pm sharp and hopefully finished by 4:00pm.

The meeting will start at 2:00pm sharp and hopefully finished by 4:00pm. Our Patron Rev Fr Jesuthas is in the UK at present and there will be an evening of Kayts Antonians on the 30th July 2005 following the AGM.

Rev Fr Jesuthas has kindly accepted our invitation and is the chief guest for the evening.

Hon Secretary

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Thank You for Your Contributions - Tsunami Feedback01 March 2005

Just a short note to thank for your concerns and well wishes while I was in Sri Lanka.

I worked with the team set up in Australia called Australian Medical aid. This organisation has no overhead and all the workers are volunteers. Every cent is spent in the camps. Their primary concern is to set up medical relief for any refugees in Sri Lanka. Our work is to visit the camp sites dotted around Ampara coastal district and treat those who needed medical attention. People were suffering from coughs colds malaria diarrhoeal disease minor injuries and counselling those individual who were badly affected. Some just wanted someone to listen to their story.

The devastation is total and non discriminatory, every household lost few members of the family and most of them lost all their belongings. Many of them dint even have clothes on their back when they were rescued. You hear sad tales of mothers who had their babies in their hands and losing their grip when they fell in the rushing waves. Old folks urging their children to run because they couldn't keep up "if you take me you will also die you have young family to look after". People are haunted by the last images and last words of their loved ones. Mothers ran behind their children's in to the lagoon to rescue them only to perish in the ensuing tides. Father climbed the tree left the 18 month old child in the branches and ran back to the house to rescue his wife they never made it the orphaned boy was being looked after by his uncle. Eleven year old lost two of her younger siblings, they climbed on the chair when the water came in, then the table, older one managed to climb on to the rafter when the water level rose only to see the tragedy unfolding below. We heard this kind of tragedy and bravery over and over. There are estimated 400,000 refugees in camps, we only saw the tip of the iceberg.

The small tents are pitched haphazardly in the hot baking sun, no mercy for those with chickenpox or fever. No toilets were set up in the camps of 2500, those poor souls with diarrhoea often had to travel distances in the hot sun dehydrated. People had to wait until dark to relieve them selves often taking chances in the snake infested bush land.

I spent nearly four weeks with this team, after four weeks people are only receiving dhal rice flour and sugar. The rice is such poor quality and when they cook it become porridge like, and often they say the kids get diarrhoea when they eat it. There was handful of pebbles in a pot of rice being prepared for cooking, presume it was meant for chicken feed not at all suitable for human consumption. Whenever possible we me made representation to the authority to improve the quality of the meagre rations. Vegetables and fruits are luxuries that a handful of people can afford. We were supplying vitamin tablets to prevent malnutrition. Some mothers dint give breakfast to the kids because they have to conserve the firewood for the main meal at lunch, and leave the left over for the evening meal.

People are acutely aware of all the noises; they will simply rush out of the tents day or night just in case there was another Tsunami on the way. On rumours children will climb trees; old lady fell when she tried to climb the tree injuring her leg and needed treatment. Brave men reduced to child like behaviour after picking up over 100 bodies' the day after Tsunami. The images of men women and children with multiple injuries some without limbs or head still haunt those survivors. They lay awake through the night reliving the nightmare every night. There are children who refused to have shower, because they are scared of water. The children are refusing to eat because they lost their younger siblings or grandparents.

In spite of years civil war the discrimination is still rife, poor supplies and inadequate facilities for minority and better accommodation for those influential section of the community. As one travels the quality of roads buildings and hospital will constantly remind you of the discriminatory policy pursued by the government.

In spite of overwhelming hardship the people are often positive and manage with whatever meagre ration they have, often inviting us to share the meal. They are grateful for all the aids they receive and most of all they are overwhelmed when they hear some of us travelled 1000's kilometres just to listen to their tales. Various voluntary organisation giving comfort for those displaced children. It is good to see them joining in various activities and forget the turmoil at least while we are there.

A group of British doctors and nurses totalling 22 in number stayed in small two bed roomed house with one toilet and bathroom. Some of them have no affiliation or connection to Sri Lanka. Some of these nurses committed themselves for three months to work in the camps. Their selfless gesture and commitment to the suffering have restored my faith in the humanity.

I left Sri Lanka in despair, only heard "can't you stay a little longer". I am grateful I was able to spend some time with this poor wretched people. Hope I will be able to return soon to offer some comfort for those haunted by the memories of this tragedy. This will remind me the fragility of life and grateful for every minute of my life. As I swept the rotting plumbs under the tree I realise I am back in the lucky country.

My sincere thanks for those who contributed to the Tsunami appeal; this event of such magnitude only happens once in every five hundred years lets not miss this opportunity.

John Hilbert

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Fundraising Dinner27 Jan 2005

In aid of children left orphaned after the Tsunami.
The money raised will go towards a girls' orphanage in Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka, to house 100 displaced children.

Saturday the 5th February at 7pm.

Venue: St Mary Magdalene's Church Hall at Athenaeum Road, Whetstone, London.
(Nearest tube is Totteridge and Whetstone on the Northern Line)
Tickets from: Muriel 01727 766435
Ramesh 020 8951 1999
Tickets: 10 each; children under 12 free

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President's Message!01 Jan 2005

Dear All,

The Year 2004 has been a very unique and important year for the Antonians in Europe who celebrated their re-union dinner on the 18th December 2004 at the Roe Green School, Kingsbury in London. This reunion is an important milestone in the history of the Antonians in the UK and Europe as this is the first time a united front was formed, supported by the Antonians living in Europe as well as in the UK. This event could not have been possible if not for the valuable work of the Executive Committee of the St Antony's College Kayts Alumni Association of Europe (SACKAAEU).

The Executive Committee ensured that every aspect of the reunion arrangements were given the utmost importance and the success of the reunion is a valid proof for their dedication and hard work. Every member of the Executive Committee went out of the way to make this event a great success. My sincere thanks to every member of the Executive Committee and their families for their contribution.

I should also take the opportunity to thank the members of the St Antony's College Kayts Alumni Association of Europe who worked side by side with the Executive Committee to make this a grand success.

I will be failing in my duty if I don't thank all the others who had been involved in making this a great success.

I wish all our members, their families and our well wishers a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year. The year 2004 has been a remarkable year for the Antonians in Europe and this will be the start of many more years of celebrations.

Seasons Greetings and Blessings of the Lord be with you all.

Renton Aloysius
St Antony's College Kayts Alumni Association of Europe (SACKAAEU)
18th December 2004

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A letter from the Rector!01 Jan 2005

My Dear Members of the SACKAAEU,

"A Child is born for us"

May the newborn Infant Jesus bless you all and shower His graces in the New Year.

As you know the situation in our country is really pathetic. However, we are safe. People from Melinchimunai and Paruthiyadaippu were displaced. With this natural disaster many children in other coastal areas have lost their parents and some may seek admission to our Children Home in year 2005. We are sixty in 2004.

We have received the poster of Vincent Stanley Manuvelpillai this week inviting the students to equal or break his record in high jump to win his awards (Rs.100, 000/=) and we are happy. It is a good effort taken by you. The students are taken up by the challenge and excited. As soon as we reopens for the New Year, the athletic meet activities will gather momentum and hopefully the student will try their best to win the award. Thank you very much for your effort.

We are providing brunch for the students from Gr.6 to 9 with the help of the World Bank's world food programme through the Department. It would be of great help if you could help us to give meals for the rest of the students.

The College Community sends its Seasons Greetings to you all.

May God Bless You and your endeavours in 2005.

Thank You

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St Antony's College Kayts Alumni Association of Europe (SACKAAEU)

Registered as a Charity in England and Wales
Registered Charity Number: 1106466