1. A letter from Rector...
  2. Annual budget proposals with details...
  3. An Appeal from the President: "Sponsor A Child at Christu Illam"
  4. Sharing the Memories with KKT Master
  5. Message from our Patron - Rev.Fr.K.James Singarayar
  6. Annual Reunion Dinner 2009
  7. Share your memories with our Teacher - KKT
  8. Message from Rev. Fr. J A Jesuthas, Rector of St. Antony's College, Kayts
  9. 25 வருடங்களுக்குப் பின்னர் யாழ் மண்ணுக்குப் பெருமை தேடித்தந்துள்ளது
  10. பரதநாட்டிய கலை நிகழ்ச்சி.
  11. வருடாந்த பொதுக்கூட்டம் 2008.
  12. வருடாந்த பொதுக்கூட்டம்.
  13. மல்லிகைவாசம் வெண்திரைகளில் காட்டப்பட உள்ளது.
  14. Oor Ithayaththile.....
  15. Message from our Patron and Rector - Rev Fr J A Jesuthas
  17. An appeal from the President of the SACKAAEU
  18. Antonians win the First Prize in the PT Competition
  19. AGM of the SACKAAEU - 10th June 2006
  20. College Day - 13th June 2006
  21. Antonians selected to take part in the N E P
  22. AGM Meeting 2006
  23. News Archive in 2005
  24. News Archive in 2004

A letter from Rector... 11th June 2010

Dear Old Boys of SAC, Kayts

We are writing after a long silence. As we are approaching our college day - June 13th-, we hope that it is the high time to share some College News with you all.

As you are aware that our Rector is in Colombo doing his one year Post Graduate Diploma in School Management which will be completed in December 2010. In the mean time I, Mr.P.W.Navarajah, the Deputy Principal, have been covering up the duties of the Rector along with Rev.Fr.A.Robinson Joseph, the Vice Rector.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind contribution towards the betterment of the College since 2000. With your assistance we were able to do many things in the college which in turn brought many benefits to our Students. Our students did well in their exams and we celebrated annual sports, prize giving ect and we won many victories. We were able to complete the construction of a new library and a Science Lab with you support.

We continue to keep up our advancement in all the fields under the guidance of our Rector, Rev.Fr.James Singarayar. Though he is away from the college for a short period, he makes regular visit to the college and give us necessary guidance.

Last year we couldn't expect more from you because of the situation prevailed then in our country. Any how we managed to survive and maintain a steady growth as usual. In 2009, G.C.E(O/L) Examination 60 % of our students qualified to follow G.C.E(A/L). In the Advanced Level exam 80 % of our students passed the exam. In co-curricular activities too we did well and our students won may places in Zonal and district level and at the same time we got the 3rd place at national level in Physical Training.

This year , too, we are doing well in the sports and games. We got 7 first place in district level and one of our students became champion in under 19. One of our students won 2nd place in Junior National Champion ship in discus throw.

We are about to enter the provincial level P.T after winning the 2nd place in the District level. This year in Tamil day drama (musical) competition, we have won the first place in District and provincial level competitions. This is a mile stone victory for us in the recent past.

In view of all the events, we are struggling to manage the expenses incurred in all the activities. For every event we have to take the students to Jaffna and manage their meals and other things. Our students are not self-sufficient to meet the expenses in their own and we have provide our full support.

On the other hand, we have to meet day to day expenses of extending the mid-day meal to senior students and arranging volunteers to cover up teacher shortages. Our SDS budget estimate which was send to you by our Rector is Rs 800000.00. At present we received Rs 100,000.00 form our Trust( Canadian Old boys) another Rs.50000.00 from parents and other donors.

As we are planning to celebrate our Patron's feast on the 13th June, we are hopeful that you will be able to give us helping hand in our progress.

Thank You


Acting Rector

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Annual budget proposals with details... 10th April 2010

Dear Antonians,

Greetings to you of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ,

This is to express my sincere thanks for your contributions and assistants for the development of the College that you have rendered in the past. I am confident that your concern and support for the College is still alive and vibrant despite the long distance and discrepancies. Let us all join together to uplift the present students and the traditions of the past to greater achievements and bright future.

Here I am giving you the annual budget proposals with details. We need generous hearts and helping hands.

1. Office Assistant 1 X 2000.00 Rs X 10 months20,000.00 Rs
2. Computer Assistant 1 X 2000.00 Rs X 10 months20,000.00 Rs
3. Sanitary Labourer 1 X 2000.00 Rs X 10 months20,000.00 Rs
4. Volunteer Teachers 3 X 5000.00 Rs X 10 months150,000.00 Rs
5. Prize Day 100,000.00 Rs
6. Electricity supply for computer room 10,000.00 Rs X 12 months120,000.00 Rs
7. Annual Inter House Athletic Meet20,000.00Rs
8. General Sports Activities (Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton, Softball Cricket)150,000.00 Rs
9. P T Competitions150,000.00 Rs
10. Midday meal Gr. 10 to 1350,000.00Rs
Total800,000.00 Rs

We need office assistant because the Education department has not given a clerk or office peon in the capacity. We are very much in need of a sanitary labourer to clean toilets and maintain them in good condition. Since we are provided with computer learning centre we have to supply a computer assistant to teach computer to students and also to do office computer works regularly. As we are in shortage of staff we have already appointed three volunteer teachers to teach Art, Science and Social Studies. We have 20 working computers in the computer room and they are used everyday more than six hours continuously besides AC machines and network connector. This consumes more electricity and the monthly bill is always above 10,000.00Rs.

Midday meal is given under world food programme, which is very useful for the students from grade 6 to 9. We expanded this programme to the students of grade 10 to 13 in the past. This year as we couldn't afford it, we have stopped it. If another Rs 5000.00 could be contributed per month we can continue this programme to the senior students too.

The above details are our annual expenses. Your contributions towards these expenses will surely be encouraging and will help us to march forward.

Thanking you for your continuous support.

May God bless you and yours.

Yours in the service of the Lord,

Rev. Fr. K. James Singarayar,

St. Antony's College,

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An Appeal from the President: "Sponsor A Child at Christu Illam" 16th December 2009

Dear Friends,

This is a personal appeal to each and every one of you, who I believe are caring people who will want to help the orphaned children from the IDP camps.

Our College has been providing excellent education for more than 125 years, consistently producing many very eminent world citizens. In 1990, its main building was damaged badly by aerial bombing and all its students had to be moved out to nearby villages. Years later, repairs were carried out to the damaged buildings funded by a German Charity but the students' return was very slow. In 2005, when my wife and I visited the College, it was a shadow of its wonderful past, educating a small number of children with skeletal staff and basic facilities.

Following the end of the war, more and more children from adjoining villages have started to join. New teachers are being recruited and some old teachers are slowly returning to work. Currently, there are 400 students and every week this number is increasing. The hostel the previous Rector had established (Christ's Hall) is functioning well. Many of the students boarded there are poor and destitute. While some of them pay fees, many others do not.

Recently, the Bishop of Jaffna was able to negotiate with the Sri Lankan Government to release over 100 children from the IDP camps to be homed and educated in his Diocese. 30 of these children, aged 7 to 15, are currently staying at "Christ's Hall". Most of them have no parents, they are psychologically scarred and some have lost their limbs due to landmines. The Church in Jaffna has very limited resources which are shared among all its needs, leaving very little funds for the Christ's Hall children. The current Rector, Rev Fr Singarayar, has undertaken this arduous task with great dedication and faith and, as people who care about our next generation, we are duty bound to help him.

This is an appeal to you to sponsor a child at Christu Illam by providing 25.00 per month. This sum will cover the cost of food, clothing, shelter and education for a child. Ideally, we would like you to make a long term commitment (approx. 8 years) to look after your chosen child. The money you pay will be spent in full for the benefit of the child and you would receive regular reports from the child as well as from the Rector on his progress. You would be encouraged to have direct contact with the child and build a relationship with him. In other words, you would be encouraged to treat him as your own adopted child in every sense.

Please complete the attached standing order mandate and return to: Hon Treasurer, 1 Jacklin Drive, Coventry CV3 6QG, West Midlands. Or you can contact me direct on 0787 145 2720

Yours sincerely,
Joseph Mano Manuelpillai

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Sharing the Memories with KKT Master 16th December 2009

On the 15th November 2009, we had the pleasure of meeting our former teacher Mr Kathirkamathamby (KKT Master) at the Meeting Palace in Harrow, London. It was really an enjoyable and a grand affair as we had many of our old teachers were present and spoke at the event. The vote of thanks was delivered by Mr Stanley Manuelpillai.

Here is the gist of the speech delivered by KKT master ..

imgkath (16K)

It is indeed a privilege and honour to appear before my colleagues and OLD students of my Alma mater St Antony's College, Kayts and recount my lucid, vivid and unforgettable past memories at St Antony's and Karampon.

I went to Karampon in the forties as a small boy of 12 years and resided at my uncle's house at Karampon to continue my studies. I joined St Antony's in the first form and studied till my pre-SSC (Senior School Certificate). Rev Fr Joseph of Sillalai was the Rector of the college. My uncle Mr Arasan, a London University Physics graduate was recruited to St Antony's to start science education and develop science laboratory. Science was started at St Antony's prior to him joining the staff but without the introduction of any science apparatus. It is said that in schools without a laboratory, the teacher would ask the students to imagine a test tube and conduct the practical in imagination. I could say the students of Kayts had the opportunity of seeing and handling science apparatus only after the science laboratory was opened. Little by little the exodus of students to St Patrick's and other high schools in Jaffna for science education came to a stop after the opening of the science laboratory at St Antony's. Latin was taught in the first form to SSC. Those who wanted to study Medicine, Law and Theology Studies avidly studied Latin. I am proud to say that Latin was started in all catholic schools in Jaffna peninsula. St Antony's maintained a high standard in English. Thanks to the competent catholic Fathers and teachers. Book Keeping was started from JSC (Junior School Certificate) to SSC (Senior School Certificate). The school fulfilled the needs of the local students. Christianity and Moral Science were taught in the school - Christianity for the Catholics and Moral Science for the Hindus.

Among the few graduates sprinkled in our Island, Rev Fr Joseph's educational qualifications stood foremost. He was a Diploma holder in Education of the University of London and also a history graduate (Hons) of the University of London. A qualification that equaled the qualifications of the Director of Education of Sri Lanka at that time. There were only two graduates, one Inter Arts and four to five trained teachers at the school. In the primary department the staff was a team of experienced, devoted and hardworking pedagogues. The names of Nicholas, Gerard and BM still ring the ears of those who studied under them. Nicholas master was a typical village school master Oliver Goldsmith would have had in mind when he wrote his poem "the village school master".

With apologies to Oliver Goldsmith may I say -

"A severe martinet was Nicholas,
Expecting perfection in calculus
Full well his pupils smiled with counterfeited glee
When he entered the class spruce and Jolly

Full well a busy whisper went circling round
When he picked the cane and frowned
Truants and copy cats copied the previous day's task
To show their master without being ask(ed)

All in all he was kind and loving in aught
The love he bore to teaching was his fault"

An OBA (Alumni Association) is the epitome of educational intellectual and social harvest of its members. You all are men of grit, honesty, integrity and loyalty.

The OBA's (Alumni Association's) activities portray the dedication of its constituent members. Though wining and dining conclude the events of the day of the inseparable bond of unity and friendship that bind every one of us together are hard to break. They have penetrated into us to the core.

Long live the European Alumni.
Long live St Antony's.
Long live our fraternity.
Three hearty cheers for the European Alumni.
Three hearty cheers for the President of the Alumni.
Three hearty cheers for the Secretary and Treasurer of the Alumni.

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Message from our Patron - Rev.Fr.K.James Singarayar 16th December 2009

It is with great pleasure I am sending this message from your Alma Mater to felicitate you all in your reunion for the year 2009. I wish to express my whole hearted greetings for your annual reunion and may the Good Lord shower all the blessings upon you all and your endeavors. When you all get together in the name of your Alma Mater, I am remaindered of the lines from our anthem

"Rally round the Alma Mater,
Loyal, honest, faithful and kind."

At your reunion you may be reminded of sweet memories of your good old days at the College and it will give you happiness. At the same time it gives us a message that we are not desperate and our brothers and sisters are there with great concern about us.

After taking the responsibility of the College as Rector in Feb 2009, came to know the significant contribution of the SAKAAEU in the development of the College. It is really encouraging to know that you will continue to give us a helping hand in every effort of our College, especially at the present situation of resettlement of the IDPs after untold sufferings in the jaws of the brutal civil war.

Now we have got 63 IDP students at our college. Some of them are staying at the Christ Hall hostel and others are coming from their homes and relatives. Their sufferings cannot be described in words. The total number of students has suddenly increased to 403 in November from 320 in January. We can expect that this may rise in the months to come. We are doing our best to bring them back to normal life.

We have been successful in maintaining the good standard of education and sport activities in the year 2009 as we achieved Second Runner-up at PT competition in National Level. Six of our students participated at National Level Athletic Meet held in Colombo. The Under 17 Soccer Team became Second Runner-up in Jaffna District. Good average of passes achieved in GCE AL results this year. Two are eligible to enter University.

One again I would like express my sincere gratitude for your kind support in the past and hope the same in the future too.

May the Infant Jesus Bless you and protect you all in years to come.

Wish you Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Rev.Fr.K.James Singarayar
St. Antony's College, Kayts

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Annual Reunion Dinner 2009 1st November 2009

Dear Friends,

Annual Reunion Dinner 2009

This year's annual dinner will be held on the 19th December 2009 at the HarrowTeachers Centre, Tudor Road, Wealdstone, Harrow, Middlesex HA3 5PQ

There will be items for every one to be happy and make the most of the evening.

In addition to the lovely food and short eats, there will be

American Auction


Variety Entertainment

This is a great opportunity to meet up with our friends and at the same time raise funds for the continued education of the many deserving students at our school in Kayts.

Please come and enjoy the sprit of the season.

Admission to the event by invitation only.

Please get your tickets from the following members:

Mano MANUELPILLAI020 8904 1989
Ramesh VETHANAYAGAM020 8951 1999
Denis DAVID020 8908 5351
John NIRMALANAYAGAM020 8590 2983
Angelo MANORAJAH020 8898 6324
Jothyrajan NICHOLAS020 8930 9209
Gnanam GNANASEGARAM020 8930 7299
Emmanuel MAHENDRAN020 8904 0029
Gerard TIMOTHY020 8429 4009
Cyril FRANCIS020 8200 3974
Stanley MANUELPILLAI020 8202 5856
Devarajah ANTONIPILLAI 020 8958 7119
Renton ALOYSIUS020 8205 0007
Kandiah ARIYARATNAM024 7641 6284

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Share your memories with our Teacher - KKT 28th October 2009

An opportunity to meet up with our fellow Alumni (KKT Master) who was a pupil as well as a teacher at St Antony's College, Kayts to share the fond memories of the past in an informal arena @ the Meeting Palace Restaurant, 34 High St, Harrow & Wealdstone HA3 7AB
Phone: 0208 861 6363

Three course meal with hard liquor costing 15 pounds per head.

Date: 15.11.2009

Time : 13:00 Hrs

Note: For the attention of users of Satellite navigators If you enter the postal code, it might come up with Peel Road or Parmaston Road which is next to High Rd.

Please contact Newton if you require any further information on +44 7956 953540

Email :

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Speech27th December 2008
Message from Rev. Fr. J A Jesuthas, Rector of St. Antony's College, Kayts 3rd December 2008

Dear All,

"Sing the Antonian Spirit Loud with Heart Sincere "

I am happy to know that the Antonians are coming together as one family on the 6th of December 2008 for the year-end gathering. We feel proud about you and we are pleased that you have the true spirit of the Antonian family. You not only come together to show your solidarity but also contribute a lot by your example and show us how the Antonian family has to be. The college family in Kayts also sends their greetings and wishes you all the best. Your coming together reminds us of the college Anthem:

"Rally round the Alma Mater,
Loyal, honest, faithful and kind,
Men of truth and men of honour,
Strong in body, spirit and mind."

Even though we the Antonians in Sri Lanka are facing difficulties in all walks of life, we are pleased that amidst all these problems we were able to get the first place in the National Level First Class (Physical Training) P.T. Competition and received the Gold Medal. We have been working towards this aim of victory for the last five years and have won the championship for the year 2008. It is the aim of winning this prestigious award that gave us the strength and stamina to face all the difficulties involved in the arduous journey.

We left Kayts on the 19th of August 2008 by 6.30am and reached Trincomalee by 3.15 p.m. the following day after a tedious voyage by ship. From there we went to Vavuniya on the 21st and took part in the provincial-level P.T. competition on the 23rd of August and won the first place. This was our fourth consecutive win at the provincial level. Then we had to wait in Vavuniya for ten days. On the 6th of September we took part in the National-level P.T. competition at the Ave Maria Convent grounds in Negombo and were successful in winning this prestigious national-level championship. We are the only college from the Northern and Eastern Province that has got a first place in a group event for boys for the year 2008. On our return, we were greatly honoured by the people of Jaffna, especially great people like the Government Agent and other dignitaries, who gave our students prizes and trophies in appreciation.

I am glad to inform you that the college is doing well in all the fields with its limited resources. The students are doing well in studies, as well as games and cultural activities. The college family in Kayts is happy that we are the Number-One school in the Island Zone. In September 2008, we were awarded the "Child-Friendly School Award" for the year 2007, sponsored by UNICEF. On the whole, the performance of our college is appreciated by many, especially by the officers from the Department of Education.

We have new additions to our college in the form of a new Science Lab, a new Computer Learning Centre. At present, we are building a new Library and reconstructing the basketball court. We have put up a new (two-storey) block in the Children's Home (Hostel). It serves a useful purpose of catering to the poor and needy children and enables them to continue their studies. In turn, they help the college to grow and do well in all fields by their presence and participation.

Unfortunately, Cyclone "Nisha" affected our area very badly on the 25th and 26th of November. The Pannai causeway was heavily damaged and washed away in many places. At present we have no land route to Jaffna. We go up to Mandaitivu junction by road and then take a boat to Jaffna (Pannai). They are working on it and we may be able to use the road by next week. However, there is no tar in Jaffna to repair the road properly.

Despite all hardships, we continue to survive, thanks to God's mercy and the generous support and concern you show towards your Alma Mater.

I wish you all a successful life in the years to come and pray that the Infant Jesus bless you and your family.

Rev. Fr. J.A Jesuthas
03 December 2008

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சம்பியனாகத் தெரிவு செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது 21 September 2008

ஊர்காவற்றுறை அந்தோனியார் கல்லூரி தேசிய சம்பியனகி 25 வருடங்களுக்குப் பின்னர் யாழ் மண்ணுக்குப் பெருமை தேடித்தந்துள்ளது பெருமிதத்துடன் கூறுகிறார் அதிபர்

உதயன் 8 செப்டெம்பர் 2008

உடற்பயிற்சிப் போட்டியில் தேசியமட்டச் சம்பியனாகத் தெரிவு செய்யப்பட்டு 23 வருடங்களின் பின்னர் யாழ் மண்ணுக்கு பெருமை தேடித்தந்துள்ளது ஊர்காவற்றுறை அந்தோனியார் கல்லூரி. இவ்வாறு பெருமிதத்துடன் கூறுகிறார் மேற்படி கல்லூரியின் அதிபர் அருட்தந்தை ஜே.ஏ. ஜேசுதாஸ்.

நீர்கொழும்பு ஆவே மரியாள் கன்னியர் மட பாடசாலை மைதானத்தில் 6 செப்டெம்பர் 2008 அன்று நடைபெற்ற தேசிய மட்ட உடற்பயிற்சிப் போட்டியில் ஆண்கள் பிரிவில் ஊர்காவற்றுறை புனித அந்தோனியர் கல்லூரி சம்பியனாகத்தெரிவு செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது.

இந்த வெற்றி குறித்து போட்டியாளர்களுடன் நீர்கொழும்பில் தங்கியுள்ள கல்லூரியின் அதிபர் உதயனுக்கு தொலைபேசி மூலம் செவ்வி வழங்கினார். அவர் மேலும் தெரிவித்ததாவது:

எமது கல்லூரியின் இந்த அணி தொடர்ந்தும் 3 தடவைகள் மாகாணமட்டத்தில் முதலாம் இடத்தைப் பெற்று வந்தது. இவ்வாண்டு தேசிய மட்டத்திலும் சம்பியனாகத் தெரிவுசெய்யப்பட்டு பெருமையடைந்துள்ளது. இதன்மூலம் இந்த அணி தனக்கென ஒரு தனியிடத்தைப் பெற்றுள்ளது.

2005ஆம் ஆண்டு தேசிய மட்டத்தில் 2அவது இடத்தைப் பெற்றதன் மூலம் 20 ஆண்டுகளுக்குப் பின்னர் தேசிய மட்டத்தில் யாழ் மண்ணுக்கு பெருமை தேடிக் கொடுத்தது. இம்முறை தனது சாதனையை தானே முறியடித்தது.

23வருடங்களின் பின்னர் யாழ் மண்ணுக்கும் எமது தீவக மண்ணுக்கும் தேசிய மட்டத்தில் முதலாவது இடத்தப் பெற்றுக்கொடுத்த பெருமையையும் தனதாக்கிக் கொண்ண்டுள்ளது - என மேலும் தெரிவித்தார்.

பரதநாட்டிய கலை நிகழ்ச்சி. 21 July 2008

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வருடாந்த பொதுக்கூட்டம். 21 July 2008

Dear Members,

The Annual General Meeting of the SACKAAEU for the year 2008-09 will be held on Saturday the 26th July 2008, at Pinner Room, Harrow Arts Centre, Uxbridge Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA5 4EA. The meeting will start at 11:00am sharp and hopefully finished by 12:00 noon.

Hon Secretary

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வருடாந்த பொதுக்கூட்டம். 11 July 2007

Dear Members,

The Annual General Meeting of the SACKAAEU for the year 2007-08 will be held on Saturday the 15th July 2007, at 32 Elm Grove, North Harrow, Middlesex HA2 7JE

The meeting will start at 2:00pm sharp and hopefully finished by 5:00pm.

Hon Secretary

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The Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Savundaranayagam  

Your Excellency,


We honour you with gratitude, love and affection as the dear spiritual leader of Catholics in Jaffna and as one of our most distinguished alumni. 


Throughout your years as a servant of God with your intelligence, wisdom, zeal, hard work, you have remained a loving son of Kayts and a dedicated alumnus of St.Antony�s College Kayts. 


You are one of the true voices of Tamils in the Island giving spiritual guidance when they need you most. Thank you for your eloquent defence of our faith, for almost five decades. 


Thank you, for your prayers and sacrifices.  We recall your visit to the United Kingdom as one of our greatest moments with affection.


We pray for your continued strength to carry the heavy burdens of your office during this difficult time of our people.    


On behalf of St Antony�s college Kayts Alumni Association of Europe, we thank you for your services as you guide your flock with Christ in heart.


God Bless you.

Sincerely in Christ,         



President    (SACKAAEU)

02 May 2008

மல்லிகைவாசம் வெண்திரைகளில் காட்டப்பட உள்ளது. 06 June 2007

Dear All,

�MALLIGAI VAASAM� (Jasmine Fragrance) � a film is a story from the heart. Film is screened on the 23rd June 2007 in Coventry as part of the Multi Cultural Festival organised by the Coventry City Council.
Prior to the screening of the film, there will be a dance performed by the artists who acted in the film. The audience will have the opportunity to mingle and chat with the main actors/actresses who acted in the film.

மல்லிகைவாசம் லண்டனில்/கொவென்றியில் காட்டப்பட உள்ளது. மேலதிக விபரங்களுக்கு......

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Oor Ithayaththile

07 December 2006

The film "Oor Ithayaththile" has been produced and directed by one of the alumni of the SACKAAEU.We are very proud to sponsor the film "Oor Itayaththile" (based on a true story) which is created and directed by Vincent Stanley Manuelpillai.(An alumni of St Antony's College Kayts.)

(based on a true story with English subtitles)

Following are the show details in London:

Pongal Release - The premiere show in London will be on the 14th January 2007 (Sunday) @ 12:00Noon and @6:00pm. There will be a second premiere show on the 21st January 2007 (Sunday) @ 12:00Noon and @6:00pm Venue: Pembroke Suite, Hendon Hall Hotel, Ashley Lane, London NW4 1HF

(Limited car parking available within the premises)

Please book your seats in advance to avoid disappoinment either by telephone: 078 77 53 1004 or by email: Price: �10.00 (Ten Pounds)

Early booking is recommended.

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Message from our Patron and Rector - Rev Fr J A Jesuthas 17 Nov 2006

Dear All,

It is with great sadness as well as with thankfulness I am sending this message:

We are continuing with our school activities even though the prevailing situation is not conducive to the normal functioning. This year is an unfortunate year for our College. Especially the incident that took place on the 11th August 2006 and there after affected our college adversely.

Our College society has lost many lives. One of our Gr.11student, late Master.Thiruvilangam Gajendran lost his life in shelling at Mankumban on the 12th August 2006. Two parents Late Mr.Tharmaseelan and late Mr.Emilian were shot dead by unidentified gunmen. One of our old students, late Mr.Thevarasa Kunaseelan was shot dead while he was working at Vasantha Bakery on the 14th September 2006.

Above all, the incident that took place on the 5th November 2006 affected the college very badly. It was the killing of our Gr.10B student, late Master.Alfred Charles.

During night some poor boys used to go to Kayts St.Mary's Parish House for combine studies. On that day four of them went together. The delay in preparing the dinner in one of their house made all four to cross the road at around 6.20pm, the curfew hour. Somebody called them from behind at the junction but they were reckless and peddled faster and were shot at. They were reckless because usually the curfew is strictly imposed an hour or so later. The unlucky late Master.A.Charles was on the pillion and was targeted.

These killing really shocked the college society and affected normal teaching learning process very badly. Further more the students have lost lot of school days due to the situation.

About 25% (percent) of the students have been displaced from their villages making a considerable drop in number on roll in our college. Some displaced students are wasting their time without attending to any school.

In spite of all that we were lucky to celebrate our Bishop's Episcopal Silver Jubilee on the 31st July 2006 in Kayts. We had a grand lunch at our College Hall. I also represented our college in Jubilee celebration in Colombo on the 6th August 2006.

Student's Performance

The advanced level results were released recently. 70% (percent) of the students have passed all 3 subjects and qualified to apply to the university admission.

Construction Works

The construction work of Computer Learning Centre (CLC) was completed in March 2006. It was a project under Secondary Education Modernisation Project (SEMP) by the Ministry of Education. The work was carried our by the School Development Society (SDS). The computers have also been supplied but the installation of the computers have to be done shortly. Local network will also be done within the centre but getting a suitable telephone connection to get access to the Internet is not yet successful. Another very essential need of getting a multi media projector is also to be fulfilled.

We were very unfortunate in transporting the used computers from Colombo to Jaffna. It was sent by the Canada OBA and reached Colombo in early part of this year but they still lie in Colombo.

This year the Department of Education has allocated funds for the construction of a Library. However, this allocation will meet only half of the need. The balance work has to be completed later. The foundation stone for this building was laid on the 2nd October 2006. The SDS is carrying out this work as well.

Our college will also get a science laboratory building shortly. Tenders have been called for this construction work by the Department of Education. The college SDS can't take this project because of the project cost. . The contractors are not interested in this work because of short supply of building materials and transport difficulties.

At the same time, there is a danger of the allocation being called back by the authorities if the work is not commenced before the end of this year. Therefore, we have persuaded a contractor to take this work on an understanding that the SDS would share any additional financial burden likely. Hence, we may need funds to go-ahead with the project.

We have got a photocopier for the college from the funds allocated by Hon. Member of Parliament Mr. Radhakirishnan under decentralized budget. We would like to express our sincere thanks for him for his concern towards our college.

Food Programme

We are continuing with the food programme for students under World food Programme for students under Gr.9. We expect your continuing support to extend this programme for the students above Gr.9. It is really helpful for the students especially at the present situation of severe shortage of essential commodities. Though most of the schools stopped this programme during last two months, we were able to continue. The Christ Hall hostel played a key role in this regard.

Sports and Games

We have lost the chance of participating at the national level Physical Training (P.T) competition (2006) this year due to the situation. We won first place in Zonal and Provincial Level competitions.

The extension of the playground to accommodate a 400m track has been started with the help of World Food Programme through the Asst. Govt. Agent. Now land boundary has been set out and filling up the low land is in progress. Only a part of the work will be completed under this project this year.

May the LORD bless you, and keep you;

May the LORD make his face shine to upon you, and be gracious to you;

May the LORD turn his countenance to you and grant you peace.


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Dear All,

Programme for the Day - 16th December 2006

Venue: Harrow Teachers Centre, Tudor Road, Wealdstone, Harrow, Middlesex HA3 5PQ

6:30pm Welcome by the MC for the evening - Mr Mano Mauelpillai followed by the College Anthem
6:45pm Two Minutes silence for the Humanitarian Sufferings of the Tamils in Sri Lanka
6:47pm Prayers - Rev Fr Brito
7:00pm Lighting of the tradional lamp - Rev Fr Brito, the Chief Guest and the President
7:05pm Dance Performance by Miss Nivetha JEYAVENTHAN, Miss Suvetha JEYAVENTHAN, Miss Renuka DOMINIC, Miss Kavisha TIMOTHY
7:15pm Bharatanatiyam by Miss Meera GUNARATNAM
7:30pm The President's Address - Hon President Santhiapillai GNANASEGARAM
7:45pm Address by the Chief Guest- Mr ALFRED (Old Student of the College)
8:00pm Vote of thanks - Hon Sec Timothy Newton
8:15pm Arrival of Santa
8:30pm Dinner Served
9:30pm Draw of Raffle Tickets and Dance
12:00 Midnight The End

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An appeal from the President of the SACKAAEU 30 Sept 2006

Dear Antonians,

I am sure without St Antony's College we will not be what we are today. In our time at Antony's, we were able to walk, cycle or travel by bus or jump on a Bullock cart to get there. We were able to eat breakfast and to take a packed lunch in our favourite banana leaf and old newspaper. There were some of us did manage to come home for amma's freshly cooked food.

The time has changed a lot. Now the students at St. Antony's College do not have even the basic luxury that we had then.

Current Rector Rev. Fr. Jesuthas is trying very hard to feed and educate 400 children in his den with all the difficulties of the worst situation in Kayts.

Some of us attend Sunday mass regularly; some of us visit St. Antony's church to pray for our children or for our needs. We pray to Antony to have good life or to pass our or children's exams. We put a lot of money in the till. We travel to Wallsingham or to Lourdes or to Bethlehem.

We are able to do this because we are living and working abroad. We are spending on hall bookings, parties, hall decorations and so on. We spend a lot of money for the duration of four or five hours in a hall. We are happy to meet and chat and take photos and videos of old pals. We then show them off by sending to friends via emails. We are able to walk into a car show room and buy a BMW, Benz or a Jeep.

Just wait and think for a minute... in our old school at St. Antony's College, Rev Fr Jesuthas is crying out for help to feed those children at CHRISTHU ILLAM. Those children most of them have lost their parents, brothers or sisters. They are all orphans.

Next Tuesday when you go to Antony's church please make a wish" St. Antony please grant me x....y...z.. I will help those children at my old school" Believe me you will definitely get it. I plead to you all to have pity on all those children at St.Antony's College and show your generosity by joining our organisation to help them as our own children.

Please visit:

Please download, complete and return to SACKAAEU:

Yours truly,

President of the SACKAAEU
29th September 2006

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Antonians win the First Prize in the PT Competition 30 May 2006

Antonians win the First Prize in the PT Competition in Jaffna District Tournament, Second Prize for Hartley College, Jaffna.

In spite of the recent violence in Kayts, our PT squad has won the First Prize in the Jaffna District Tournament Competition. Congratulations to all the squad members of the team. More importantly it is by the sheer effort put in by Rev Fr Jesuthas, who is the rector of St Antony's College, Kayts, Sri Lanka.

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AGM of the SACKAAEU - 10th June 2006 30 May 2006

Rev Fr Jesuthas, Patron of St Antony's College Kayts Alumni Association of Europe (SACKAAEU) sending his best wishes for the AGM and he is hoping that the general membership will be electing an executive committee for 2006-08, to carry on the excellent work done by the previous committee in the interest of the welfare of the College.

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College Day - 13th June 2006 30 May 2006

On the 13th June 2006, St Antony's College, Kayts will be celebrating their College Day. Rev Fr Jesuthas said, due to the situation in Kayts, the celebration would be a very low-key event.

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Antonians selected to take part in the North Eastern Province 30 May 2006

Antonians selected to take part in the North Eastern Province PT competition to be held on the 23rd June 2006 in Vavuniya.

Antonians have been selected to take part in the North Eastern Province PT Competition to be held in Vavuniya on the 23rd June 2006. The Alumni Association of St Antony'e College, Kayts of Europe wish the team all the best and hopefully they will come out with flying colours as they had done in the Jaffna District Tournament. Speaking to Rev Fr Jesuthas on the above, he stated that due to the present situation in Kayts, some of the team members have left Kayts and moved to Vanni for safety. Still he is hopeful that they will do well in the competition.

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AGM Meeting 25 April 2006

Dear Members,

The Annual General Meeting of the SACKAAEU for the year 2006-07 will be held on Saturday the 10th June 2006, at the Trinity United Reformed Church, Hindes Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 1RX (

The meeting will start at 2:00pm sharp and hopefully finished by 5:00pm.

Please note that this year (2006-07) is very important, as we will be electing a new executive committee to run the activities of the association.

Anyone interested in taking an active role in the executive committee please express your interest in writing to me two weeks prior to (by the 27th May 2006) the Annual General Meeting.

Hon Secretary

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