The Motto of the College in Latin on the top of the crest, states, "Deo Confidimus", which means, "Trust in God". It is an indelible sign, cherished in the heart of every Antonian and which has been echoing as the sweet melody of the College forever. The eternal trust in God's power has brought continuous success in all the endeavors of the Alma Mater.

The bright and radiating cross, below the motto is the symbol of our Savior, "Jesus Christ" and it is also a sign of faith for all Christians; representing the sole light of the world, which enlighten every human heart. The Patron Saint of the College St.Antony with the infant Jesus in His arms, who showers Divine Grace and provides protection to every Antonian, is portrayed on the right side of the crest. The palmyrah trees, a ship sailing on the blue lagoon, engraved on the left hand corner of the crest depicts the natural surrounding, the local environment and prevailing atmosphere around the College. The rays penetrating through the palmyrah trees and the ship sailing on the blue lagoon, signifies the prominence of Kayts as an ancient harbour, and this also remind us how every Antonion is safely anchored and hobured through out his carrier at College.

The Three shamrock leaves etched one below the other, in an angular position on the crest, indicates the catholic educational contribution made by the Irish missionaries in Sri Lanka and thus to our College.



The colors of the College flag are Blue and Gold. The Gold colour on the Blue flag significantly reflects the glory of St.Antony's College, which resembles the golden rising Sun in the Eastern horizon. This radiates hope and enlightenment, for the future generation of this Island, which is surrounded by the Blue Lagoon.

It is also interpreted that St.Antony,s College always shares it's Brotherhood as a Catholic missionary educational institution with St.Patrick's College Jaffna , which is a long living centenarian private school , in sharing it's colour Gold.


Grade 1AB
College Number (Censes): 09030
College Code Number: 1005001
College Examination Number: 11444
G.S Division: Kayts J/49
A.G.A's Division: Island's North
Educational Division: Kayts
Educational Zone: Islands
Rector: Rev.Fr.J.A.Jesuthas
Deputy Principal: Mr.P.W.Navarajah
Management Assistance: Mr.S.Alphones
Number of Teachers: 12
Number of Laborers: 02
Number of Students: 300

St Antony's College Kayts Alumni Association of Europe (SACKAAEU)
EMAIL: sackaaeu@yahoo.co.uk

Registered as a Charity in England and Wales
Registered Charity Number: 1106466